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Herbologist & Iridologist
Mr. Justin Och
Mr. Och is Splendid Health’s and N.D. Dr. Nelson Rios highest certified iridologist & herbologist. before retiring Dr. Nelson who trained under Bernard Jenson (creator of iridology analysis) Dr. Nelson passed his 30 years of naturopathic & nutritional knowledge & herbal supplementation information on the health and healing effects of specifically combined herbs, minerals & vitamins and there reaction on the natural healing process of the body.
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Providing Superior Quality Naturopath Approved Supplements.
Made in a GMP, NSF & QAI Certified Manufacturing Facility on all Splendid Health & Dr. Nelson Products.
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Splendid health products are created to work alongside modern medicine. Made in a GMP, QAI and NSF certified highest quality manufacturing facilities. Splendid Health products are made to pharmacutical standards, to get your family results. keeping prices low and results high means success because without results you have nothing. We constantly strive to work with and alongside your primary doctors reccomendations. we will never contradict your doctor, we are here to provide natrual health alternatives that can work with and along side your doctors reccommendations. product reccommendations on this site were created so that they can be taken with your perscription medication to assist you and your doctor with your optimal well-being. we strive to assist you the individual with all of your herbal natural health, alternative medicine and nutritional counciling needs to keep your health at its optimum and assist the body in its natural healing processes.

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Joint & Bone Pain - Arthritis, Osteoporosis & Pain
What can support natural bone and joint health?

There is a lot to read about our products so you will always notice a quick reference at the top of key points and information about what were talking about. But Splendid Health, Dr. Nelson Rios and Herbal Specialist and Iridologist Justin Och want you fully informed. That is why Justin Och has taken the time to scratch the surface of his opinion and information on the real results Splendid Health and what these supplements may provide to you and your loved ones.

First let me start by saying that not all products are the same, if the quality is poor so to will be your results. You may notice alot of products out there that contain "something or one thing" to help you and your current health concerns. We warn you that most products will only provide minimal results, if any. This is becuase the quality and combination of specific herbs and minerals is a science not a gimic or something that your local one-stop store will provide. Splendid Health products are created by 30 year Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Certified Iridologist and Bio-chemist Dr. Nelson Rios. They are then made in a GMP, QAI, and NSF certified manufacturing facility, that means pharmaceutical grade herbs, vitamins and supplements. Results, how often or how long have you bought herbs, vitamins and supplements only to continuously have the same problems, issues, health concerns? Are you constantly taking these only to find you have no energy, sluggish after meals and full nights of sleep. If it was me I would question the quality of what I was taking, remember only the highest quality and concentrations yield results. Be faithful to you and your wallet, stop buying low quality you could be wasting your time, health and money, things you can't get back.

If I told you that every month you were wasting 3 things you could never get back would you believe me?

if your taking a multi-vitamin and your still tired after eating or a full night sleep then where are the results?

if your taking joint or calcium supplements every month but you still get pain in your back, neck or knees?

if your buying these low quality quick pick up supplements and herbs you are wasting, time, money and the health you could have been having. 3 things you will never get back.

Stimulate the body's cell production and regeneration Ultra Joints and Splendid Health's Coral Calcium combination is called a “a synergistic combination of nutrients, herbs and enzymes designed to assist in the repair of connective tissue, joint, cartilage and helps fight pain and inflammation.

Ultra Joints is a bone, tendon & joint formula that contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM, CM8tm, BioCell Collagen Type II. These nutrients occur naturally in the body that reside primarily in the joint cartilage. Research has shown that these two first ingredients provide essential building blocks that are directly involved in the support and maintenance of healthy bones, joints, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. The Ultra Joint formula can also help reduce the occurrence of muscle cramps caused by both inactivity and intense use. Remember it is high concentrations of high quality key ingredients that are necessary to provide positive and improved joint function.

Ultra Joints is specifically designed as a all natural blend to aid and support the bodies natural health and healing capabilities. It supports the bodies ability to regenerate and rebuild cartilage for healthy joint function, lubricating and moisturizing while improving mobility and motion. Ultra Joints also aids the connective tissues and cartilage, these ingredients have been shown to increase and speed up the healing process. Ultra Joints is used by active athletes and mature adults looking to support oxidation damage and pain from the cartilage to chronic arthritis. The nutritional support that Ultra Joints provides has also been shown to enhance antioxidant and bioflavenoid effectiveness. This Intense combination of 1500mg of Glucosamine (potassium based), 1000mg Chondroitin Sulfate (as glucuronic n-acetyl-d-galactosamine-4 sulfate), 500mg MSM (methylsulfonymethane), 250mg CM8tm (cetyl myristolate) and 200mg BioCell Collagen Type II. Ultra Joints is created in a GMP, QAI, NSF certified manufacturing facility and is naturopathic doctor approved.

Joint, tendon, ligament and cartilage problems are among the most common afflictions Americans suffer from today. When these tissues become damaged the joint can become unstable. The body compensates this damage by forming bony and arthritic spurs. This causes increased friction which develops into pain and weakness. In more chronic situations this joint damage can result in lack of mobility and severe chronic pain.

Splendid Health's Ultra Joints and Coral Calcium is our best selling bone and joint formula. Why? If you want to avoid joint, tendon, ligament and cartilage problems you start by nourishing the body with the right amount and combination of nutrients and herbs the body needs to support these connective tissues. Ultra Joints has a synergistic combination of herbs and minerals designed to stimulate the bodies cell production of collagen which is the structural protein that repairs connective tissues.

Splendid Health's Coral Calcium is known as one of the highest absorbing calciums on the market, containing a full spectrum mineral complex it is highly absorbable and helps strengthen bones, teeth, heart, nerve impulses and helps maintain the proper pH balance within the blood and body. Splendid Health's Ultra Joints and Coral Calcium uses a combination of different herbs and nutrients in addition to Glucosamine which is a natural substance found in the cartilage of soft tissues that cushions the bones in the joints and provides them with a resilience property. Involved in the formation of nails, tendons, skin, eyes, bones, ligaments and heart valves. As we age, the glucosamine in our cartilage depletes. Glucosamine and chondroitin, which is another component of cartilage can assist the body in the maintenance and rebuilding of the existing connective tissue. MSM also known as methyl-sulfonyl-methane, has also been widely used for people and pets that display arthritic symptoms. Without MSM most body tissues can't repair themselves when damaged and this is why a joint cartilage that has been impaired can't heal without MSM.

“Our Ultra Joint Build and Coral Calcium is a very powerful synergistic combination of nutrients, herbs and enzymes designed to stimulate the body's cell production and regeneration. Assists in the repair of connective tissue, joint, cartilage and helps fight pain and inflammation. Personally I don't know of a better and stronger natural joint formula system on the Market.” N.D. Dr. Nelson Rios, 30 year veteran Master Herbologist, Microscopist & Iridologist.

WebMD states; “ How does it work? Glucosamine in the body is used to make cartilage, a “cushion” that surrrounds joints. In osteoarthritis, this cushion becomes thinner and stiff. Taking glucosamine sulfate as a supplement might help to supply the materials needed to rebuild cartilage.”

Health Castle states; “The role of calcium in bone health is indisputable.”

Howstuffworks states; “ Osteoblasts form new bones and increase the size of growing bones. This process is called ossification. Think of workers constructing a building – the process has a lot in common with the way osteoblasts build new bone. First, both need strong building blocks with which to form the finished product... Osteoblasts form bone from inorganic mineral salts, mainly calcium...”

Dr. J.M. Pujalte states; “collagen type II: contains glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate which works together to heal bones in the joints because they increase the absorbtion of calcium while also eliminating swelling.” Dr. J.M. Pujalte reported in the journal 'Current Medical Research & Opinion' that “glucosamine sulphate totally eliminated swelling and pain decreased by an average of 80% in a 3 month period. Other clinical tests showed similar results with walking speed increasing 72%. Many patients were symptom free in 6 months.”

If the benefits of Splendid Health's Ultra Joints and Coral Calcium was apparent enough, we know that all life is based on carbon but did you know that it is calcium that sustains life and can hold health.

Splendid Health's Ultra Joints and Coral Calcium is ideal for pain and discomfort in the joints, back and neck. It contains a highly concentrated bio-available alkaline minerals and is considered a whole food of sorts. Splendid Health's Ultra Joints and Coral Calcium contains over 73 other minerals in this orgainic form of natural calcium. Because Splendid Health's Ultra Joints and Coral Calcium is so effective 90% of our customers see amazing results in the first 30 days, but because the issues of degeration and pain were not caused overnight we highly suggest that you continue the program for a minimum of 90 days (3 months). Compare that to how long you have had the issue, even before it might have been diagnosed and how long you have been purchasing supplements that gave you minimal or no results. If your still in pain or discomfort after all that time why are you still on the same path buying the same stuff that isn't supporting you or your needs?

Splendid Health's Ultra Joints and Coral Calcium can help prevent bone loss and the ingredient combination that Splendid Health uses is used by every vital function of your body, from pumping your heart, to cell division, to DNA replication. Eating vegetables is a huge start but vegetables from mineral depleted soil means your vegetables are depleted of these essential minerals and vitamins as well. In the 1950's, there were about 50 scientific studies per year on biological calcium. By 1990, the yearly total reached 7000. Calcium’s pivotal role in our health had been fully recognized! Calcium is by far the most abundant mineral in our bodies – and vital to almost every cell and every function.

Here is the question, if the soil doesn't have it because of over farming then how will you or your vegetables get it? You have a choice to have Splendid Health and that is why we want you to have results because that is the only true test.

High Concentrations of fossilized coral calcium contain calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, potassium, iodine, essential trace minerals, and many other microscopic elements essential to human life. In addition, fossilized coral calcium contains antioxidants known to help protect the body from free radical damage.

Optimal health... Splendid Health needs a change, if you keep on the same path you will get the same results.

Using Splendid Health's Ultra Joints and Coral Calcium could be an end to the pain, bone spurs, calcium deposits, it might beable to support your body in bone loss prevention and restoring stronger bones while giving you a antioxidant know to protect the body.

Our Motto; Give us 30 days and you will want to continue to receive the benefits of Splendid Health.”

I look forward to supporting you in your journey to Splendid Health,

Justin Och

Certified Herbal Specialist & Iridologist

Nutritional Counselor

(This article was the opinion of Justin Och, if what it has said makes sense to you then you are already on the right track, come down and visit our location today – 116 east pine street, lakeland, florida 33801)

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