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Herbologist & Iridologist
Mr. Justin Och
Mr. Och is Splendid Health’s and N.D. Dr. Nelson Rios highest certified iridologist & herbologist. before retiring Dr. Nelson who trained under Bernard Jenson (creator of iridology analysis) passed his 30 years of naturopathic & nutritional knowledge & herbal supplementation information on the health and healing effects of specifically combined herbs, minerals & vitamins and there reaction on the natural healing process of the body.
Iridology Analysis
what it can tell you is amazing but very few know how, find out why.
Nutritional Counciling
get free information on what you should be eating and why.
Lakeland Herbal Specialist
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Splendid health products are created to work alongside modern medicine. Made in a GMP, QAI and NSF certified highest quality manufacturing facilities. Splendid Health products are made to pharmacutical standards, to get your family results. keeping prices low and results high means success because without results you have nothing. We constantly strive to work with and alongside your primary doctors reccomendations. we will never contradict your doctor, we are here to provide natrual health alternatives that can work with and along side your doctors reccommendations. product reccommendations on this site were created so that they can be taken with your perscription medication to assist you and your doctor with your optimal well-being. we strive to assist you the individual with all of your herbal natural health, alternative medicine and nutritional counciling needs to keep your health at its optimum and assist the body in its natural healing processes.

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Diabetes Stage I & II
Diabetes Tips on how to get and keep your blood sugar levels down...

There is a lot to read about our products so you will always notice a quick reference at the top of key points and information about what were talking about. But Splendid Health, Dr. Nelson Rios and Herbal Specialist and Iridologist Justin Och want you fully informed. That is why Justin Och has taken the time to scratch the surface of his opinion and information on the real results Splendid Health and what these supplements may provide to you and your loved ones.

“Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes, accounting for 90 - 95% of cases. In type 2 diabetes, the body & pancreas does not respond properly to insulin, a condition known as insulin resistance. Diabetes is responsible for more than half of all the lower limb amputations performed in the U.S. Each year there are about 88,000 non-injury amputations and between 50% and 75% of them are due to diabetes. Worse, the number is increasing as the prevalence in diabetes type 2 rises. About 85% of amputations start with foot ulcers, which develop in about 12% of people with diabetes. In general, foot ulcers develop from infections, such as those resulting from blood vessel injury. Even minor infections can develop into severe complications. Numbness from nerve damage, which is common in diabetes, compounds the danger since the patient may not be aware of injuries. About one-third of foot ulcers occur on the big toe.

Impotence in men is also associated with neuropathy with some studies showing impotence in about half of the men with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. The most serious consequences of neuropathy affect the legs and feet and pose a risk for ulcers and, in very severe cases, amputation. In some cases, neuropathy may mask angina, the warning chest pain for heart disease and heart attack. Diabetic patients should be aware of other warning signs of a heart attack, including sudden fatigue, sweating, shortness of breath, nausea, and vomiting.

Foot Ulcers and Amputations. Perhaps the most serious consequences of diabetic neuropathy occur in the lower limbs. An estimated 15% of diabetics experience serious foot problems. They are the leading cause of hospitalizations for these patients.” - health topics a-z,

We know there are natural ways of helping our bodies to become non-diabetic; from weight loss, increased exercise, to diet and food changes. But we also have to support the bodies natural ability to deal with and regulate its own sugar levels. That is where your pancreas comes in, if your pancreas is not working at its optimum or is hindered in someone you will not beable to process your sugars properly.

Splendid Health's Pancreas Support I & II is a Diabetic support formula that contains highly concentrated Chinese and Ayuveric herbal combination supported by Chromium Polynicotin and Vanadium (Amino acid Chelated). These formulas may help lower blood sugar and also may help support pancreas, liver, kidney and prostate. These formulas also support glandular function and can be very effective in normalizing blood sugar levels within one to three weeks. Though the full program takes 90 days you have to ask, how long have you had the issue and what can diabetes do if left unchecked.

Diabetes tips on prevention ~ take control

The biggest step toward Diabetes prevention is to change you lifestyle, its never too late to start making changes toward better health. The fact that your reading this now is a great start, but a better start is putting it to practice in your life. As with most types of diabetes and blood sugar irregularities prevention is one of the biggest parts to controlling and understanding you and your bodies future health. If someone in your family has or has had diabetes, your blood glucose levels are slightly elevated, you are over weight or you have been diagnosed as being at risk or pre-diabetic then you are at an increased risk for diabetes.

“In the United States alone, experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expect diabetes to affect more than 48 million people in the U.S. alone by 2050.”

The question is will you give yourself the opportunity to prevent or even reverse this disease or will you become just another statistic? Diabetes prevention can be as basic as losing extra weight and pounds, eating healthier and taking some supplements that can assist and aid you and your pancreas. The latest diabetes prevention tips from the American Diabetes Association give a great outline and when combined with Natural Health, supplements and Natural medicine. Detoxification of the the body, colon cleansing and pancreas support herbs and supplements can give your body the much need tools it is searching for to help fight this disease.

Tip 1: Eat the right sources of fiber...

Fiber has been shown that it may reduce the risk of diabetes by improving your bodies own blood sugar control. Fiber intake has also been associated with a lower risk of heart disease and cardiovascular issues, it may also help with weight loss do it its filling and cleansing effects. Try to choose foods that are higher in fiber such as vegetables, beans, non-wheat and gluten breads and cereals such as Ezekiel Bread, Millet Bread, Quinoa pasta, and don't forget your nuts and seeds.

Tip 2: The right whole grains can help...

Most studies done in the United States and abroad don't fully understand why, but eating the right whole grains may reduce your risk of diabetes and help maintain blood sugar levels. But eating the right whole grains means choosing Whole Grains that are Wheat Free & Gluten Free. Increasing your wheat and glucose levels could hurt your overall healing progress, eating foods such as brown rice (instead of its high glucose cousin “white rice”), yams, yucca, sweet potato's, red potato's, beans, Quinoa pasta, ezekiel or millet breads and cereals. There are many foods that contain whole grains and going the easy route (things that state whole grain) usually ends up with you eating a lot more processed refined ingredients that your body could do without.

AKA – if it tastes good its not always good for you!

Tip 3: Aerobic, resistance & physical activity

There are so many benefits to regular physical activity, it can increase your energy, help you lose the weight and even help strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system. Even if you don't lose the weight all together, just by participating in a moderate to intense workout program you can lower your blood sugar and boosts your sensitivity to insulin, which helps keep your blood sugar within a normal range. Research shows that both aerobic exercise and resistance training can help control diabetes, but the greatest benefits come from a fitness program that includes both. Trying to find a program that includes both can be hard, we have provided some information on a workout facility that provides this specific kind of training for all ages (look at the top right! or go to )

Tip 4: Lose the extra weight

Diabetes prevention can start with those extra pounds we all would like to see go anywhere but on us. If you're overweight then your diabetes prevention and reversal could depend on you losing those extra pounds. That weight loss could improve not only your health but your well being and we all know how we feel with each pound we lose. This may surprise you but in in one study, overweight adults who lost just 5 to 10 percent of initial body weight and exercised regularly reduced there risk of developing diabetes by over 57 percent in just three years.

Tip 5: Skip fad diets and start making healthier choices

Fad diets may work for a few pounds but there overall effectiveness is unproven. Lets just say if it doesn't make sense and sounds to good to be true then lets think again. This is our health we are talking about and you only get one crack at it, lets work today so we can see more tomorrows. Low carbohydrate meals, low-glycemic loads, grapefruit diets and other fad type diets are just that... fads, that's why they come and they go. Lets work with a real certified nutritionist and herbalist in a all natural way to get ourselves on track. Because in the end who do think has your best interest at heart a magazine or online ad talking about the “quick fix” or a certified nutritionist and herbalist who has studied the body and exactly what it needs? Lets make a choice to take control as part of our overall plan towards a healthier life style.

“The American Diabetes Association recommends blood glucose screening for everyone age 45 and older for anyone who is overweight or may feel they are at risk. By working together with your primary western medical doctor and a all natural certified nutritionist and herbal specialist you are not only getting the best of both worlds but you could see results even quicker.

If you are under the age of 45 and overweight multiple risk factors for type 2 diabetes, such as a sedentary lifestyle or a family history of diabetes then prevention, natural alternative medicine and early screening are your best weapons.

Our Motto; Give us 30 days and you will want to continue to receive the benefits of Splendid Health.”

I look forward to supporting you in your journey to Splendid Health,

Justin Och

Certified Herbal Specialist & Iridologist

Nutritional Counselor

(This article was the opinion of Justin Och and was inspired by information gathered from many sources online, special thanks to the Mayo Clinic, if what it has said here makes sense to you then you are already on the right track, come down and visit our location today – 116 east pine street, lakeland, florida 33801)

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